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2021 11 24

Amadeu Antonio Award 2021

We feel happy and honored that the Loulu App received the award as recognition as a project that stands up against racism and other forms of discrimination.


2021 08 12

Celebrating our studio anniversary

Two years ago we founded Minge+Schmidt and it's been a blast eversince. Thanks to all partners and collaborators on our way. Cheers to many more years!


2021 06 15

Loulu App Launch

We are happy to announce that today we launched the Loulu App on Google Play and in the App Store. Over the last year, we supported onlinetheater.live with conceptualizing, designing and developing the interactive fiction Loulu.


2021 03 01

Yoona.ai Re-branding

Over the last month, we worked closely together the Berlin-based startup yoon.ai to re-brand their whole identity and product.